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If you want to get to know someone, find out what makes them angry.


Welcome to the world of Hunter X Hunter!. Where little kids run around chasing their dreams and runaway parent lmao. A hunter is essentially a professional Indiana Jones who specialises in treasure hunting, locating rare animals, surveying new terrains and lastly assassinate bad people.

Currently, up to chapter 680, a LOT of shit has happened, but I shall try my best to SPOIL as much as I can hahaha. We have my boy Gon Freecs. Even though his father ditched him ever since he was little, he sets out on a journey to find him. He sets off from his hometown Whale Island, to take the Hunter examination that occurs annually.

The Hunter exam is a test like no other. A test that measures ones physical and mental endurance to the limits. A test with a success rate of 1 in 10,000. A test that most of us wouldn’t be able to pass LMAO. A test that has pre-tests before the actual tests to weed out the noobs. How many tests do you bloody need lol


Along the way, Gon meets up with fellow hunter examinees. He first met Leorio, Kurapika and finally Killua. These guys get along instantly as they have similar personalities. Each of them is very skilled in fighting and can hold their own. As the story unfolds, they all develop amazing powers of their own. Except for Leorio, he ditched for about 600 chapter before making a return because he was studying for his medical exam LMAO.

Some of the tests were a marathon run, walking through a jungle full of traps, making sushi……where nobody passed lol. Killing other applicants was optional so you’ll see a bit of bloodshed here and there but it’s pretty mild compared to Elfen Leid lol.

The most intriguing character is Hisoka. Till this very day, I still cannot comprehend how weird? fucked up he his. He takes a liking to Gon seeing him as a fresh piece of meat. However, he is always carefully protecting Gon until the day he gets strong and fun enough to kill. I know right, he’s pretty messed up.

Let’s skip forward a little bit, Killua, Kurapika and Leorio passed the test. Killua, however, withdrew from the test because he brother Ilumi interfered and blackmailed him. I honestly hate Ilumi so much. Forcing Killua to go home to his family. Oh did I mention that Killua comes from a family of assassins? Oops…. lol

Gon, Kurapika and Leorio head off to Kukuroo Mountain to get Killua back. They had to pass a few tests before they were able to see Killua. The most ridiculous test was the 256-ton door at the start. But coolest scene you’ll see is the coin throwing test. They seriously made it look so cool. Try not to break any windows while doing the tricks lol.

After passing all the tests, they were able to take Killua and leave. Gon and Killua wanted to hone their fighting skills so they head off to Heaven’s Arena. Kuripika had a goal of retrieving his clan’s eyeballs so he sets off to work as a bodyguard to gather more information. That sounds like a good goal lol. Leorio leaves to finish off medical school and disappears for like 500+ chapters before returning and doing something meaningful lol.

The Heavens Arena is a building consisting of 251 floors. Fighters from around the globe compete with each other and fight for money. The higher you advance, the money you earn. When you pass Floor 200, money is no longer involved and it’s about glory and fame.  The boys met a nerdy looking guy called Wing. The kung-fu master teaches them about Nen. This is where shit gets paranormal. Nen is like chakra in Naruto, Ki in Dragon Ball and Haki in One Piece. Its a type of energy that can be harnessed and transformed into superpowers. And guess who’s at the top of the tower. It’s out favourite pedo Hisoka, yayyyyyy. Hisoka and Gon battle it out and you could probably guess the result lol.

After finishing the tournament, the boys set off and continues their search for Gon’s father. They found a clue which leads them to Yorknew City. They believe that Greed Island, a game that Gin’s dad made would help lead to his whereabouts. Greed island is like Jumani, which sucks you in. The only way to make it out is to complete the game by collecting all the items in the game. The four of them run into trouble with the Phantom Troupe who are responsible for killing Kurapika’s clan members.

The boys did everything they could so that they could get their hands on the game. Eventually, they were able to join an expedition team led by a billionaire Battera.  You had to use nen to get into the game and that’s what they did. They set off and were able to collect around 30 items before hitting a dead end. They met a new mentor named Biscuit. Although don’t let her 12-year-old appearance fool you, she’s actually a 57-year-old woman. She was able to train the boys and further improve their nen. They team up to take down a player called Bomber who likes to blow people up.

The most memorable scene was in that arc was the dodgeball game. The boys team up with Hisoka to take down the game master, Razor. The 3 surprisingly had a very good strategy and their teamwork was on point. Pretty sure Hisoka came up with this 3 man spooning position. Effective but still creepy AF though…… After winning, they found out that Gin was not on the island. Sad times.

Gon and Killua were able to return back safely. Gon used a teleportation card his got from the game and transported to the player call Nig. He arrived behind a mysterious person, turning out to be his past friend Kite who used his Dad’s name to play the game. The Hunter Association gathered a group of people to investigate a washed up insect leg on the beach.

They proceed to Neo Green Life Island to look for the Chimera Ants. They were reported to have been killing off thousands of people so that they could lay their eggs in them. One thing led to another and Kite gets killed by a Chimaera Ant lmao. That escalated quickly. More things led to another, Killuas family steps in for a while, Nefetero dies fighting the big Boss Meruem, Gon used a special power-up and lost all of his Nen. By far this is the best Arc in the whole series. I just can’t get enough of the fights, they are truly breathtaking. 

Killua in desperation gets his sister Alluka to heal him. She has like this other spirit entity possessing her and only comes out when she asks for people for favours. Killua had to risk his life to steal his sister out of Kukuroo Mountain. Being chased by his brother Illumi who was trying to kill him throughout the journey.  Finally, Gon got revived thanks to Alluka freaky powers. Thank goodness for that little creepy ghost girl, Alluka. Leorio was able to find Gin and gave him a good punch for ditching Gon all these years. Now that Gon is all healed up he heads over to see his father and had a little long overdue reunion with him. I loved how everyone in the anime was giving Gin shit for being a bad dad hahaha.


After this, it really gets into the democratic side of shit which I find really boring. They were trying to figure out who would become the next Hunter President and took about 50 episodes to finally decide who it would be. An exploration of the Dark Continent led by Netero’s son Beyond Netero happens after the election. This is where Kurapika and Leorio come back into the story again but tbh Leorio hasn’t been seen for about 100+ chapters now after boarding the ship…….. He’s getting really good at ghosting haha. The Succession war is going on and there is a whole lot of boring talk that doesn’t really go anywhere so you can pretty much skip this Arc lol

Just wait until they get to the Dark Continent. The hype around the 5 Great Calamities sounds so good and I can’t wait until we see it in action! And apparently, the monsters in the Dark Continents are extremely huge in size which is crazyyyyy!

This is Palm Waifu. Good luck to whoever ends up with this hot psycho mess 😉



Pokemon Origins!

Gotta Catch ‘Em All, Pokemon!

Hello, hello, helllooooo everyone. If you came here to read about Ash Ketchum, then fuck off  please let me enlighten you on someone better. Pokemon Origins is a story about Red. Red is the original character from the Japanese manga.

Ash Ketchum is the character that was created for the younger viewers. I’ll admit that he’s the better protagonist for the TV shows but his pokemon training skills are overrated. In fact, it’s shit tbh. OH YES, I AM DEFINITELY PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE. I LOVE POKEMON BUT ASH is just……no words to describe *coma.


Now we have Red. He is actually what you call a Pokemon MASTER. He has actually caught them all, unlike bitch ass Ash who only caught around 30 pokemon in the Kanto region. Red has only been defeated once and that was by his rival Blue. Red took down the whole Team Rocket Corporation single-handedly. Ash is still battling Jessie and James every day. Although watching Ash can be entertaining, I feel Red does a better job of Catching them all LOL.

Now Red starts off at Pallet Town and chooses Charmander as his starting pokemon. His rival Blue chooses a Squirtle. They both set off vowing to each other that they will complete the Pokedex first. The journey begins and Red encounters a wild Pidgey. Unlike Ash, he actually captures successfully the first time. Red was able to capture all 150 pokemon in the Kanto region. Here is a list of his favourite rotation 🙂


His first and most significant gym battle was with Brock, who taught him the true meaning of Pokemon Battles. The level of synchronization and trust that Red builts with his pokemon is legendary. We can see the growth and evolution of Charmander all the way to Charizard pretty early on in the journey. This really puts an emphasis on the trust that his Charizard has for him and this will be critical for the final battle against Mewtwo.

Out of frustration, Red barges into the Silph Company where Team Rocket had taken over. Ash seeks Giovani for his evil doings. He was able to free all of the scientists and pokemon that were kept as hostages in the building. He was able to catch Giovanni before he made his escape. They had a mini battle but once Ash’s first pokemon was knocked out, Giovani made an escape like a little biatchhhhh. The good thing about this raid was that Ash received a Lapras as a thank you present so it all works out lol.

Red obtains badge number 7 heads to Viridian City to obtain his final badge. To his surprise, Giovani is the last gym leader! Shit just got real here. Giovani first sent out his Rhyhorn which wipes the floor with 4 of Red’s pokemon. Out of the blue, Red sends manages to get a double knockout with his Hitmonlee. Have you guys ever played the first gen game? That shit is pretty impressive! Finally sending out Charizard to the final fight against another Rhydon. Giovani had a wave of nostalgia as he sees Red’s passion and determination as he beats his pokemon. Earing the respect of Giovani, He awards Red with the final badge and decides to disband Team Rocket as a whole.

And now Red arrives at the Indigo Plateau and takes down the Elite Four in a breeze. He just makes everyone look like shit. I mean, I spent at least half a day to beat them haha. Turns out blue has already beaten the Elite Four before and was waiting for Red. No surprises there…….. So they battle and it all comes down to their very first starter Pokemons. Charizard vs Blastoise. Punches were being thrown, it was a slugfest none the least. Flamethrower here and hydro pump there and boom. Charizard wins lmao.

After winning, Red continues his quest to capture them all.  He returns to Pallet town after managing to catch 149 pokemon. He comes home and Blue bed-ridden after getting his ass whooped by a not so mysterious pokemon called Mewtwo. Prof. Oak gave Red the evolution stones with a few shitty advice like “You can not ride your bike indoors” and he set off once again.

Red rushes to the legendary cave to capture Mewtwo. He sends out his Gengar and Articuno but that shit was useless against Mewtwo lol. Finally Red sends out his trusty partner Charizard or Lizadon to fight Mewtwo. But they were both no math and was knocked into the water lol.

Legend has it, if a bond between a Charizard and its human partner is strong enough, a great force of power will build up. The evolution stone started glowing reacting to their bond resulting in MEGA EVOLUTIONNNNNN. And thus Mega Charizard X was born. With increased speed, strength and good looks, Mega Charizard, Mega Punched Mewtwo into a wall. Red throws an ultra ball and captures Mewtwo successfully. Not sure why he didn’t use the master ball like the manga to avoid this whole fight lol

Pokemon Origins was concluded in only 4 episodes. The whole Kanto journey was pretty rushed. Red manages to get all 8 badges in the blink of an eye and supposedly beat the whole game in 35 hours lol. I like Red because he’s a cool an intelligent guy. Unlike Ash who always asking “What pokemon is that?” every time he encounters something new. There was very little room for character development. We didn’t see his struggles but a lot of emphases was put into his achievements which I personally think is fine. I believe that Ash is the better protagonist but Red is the better trainer. However, I still love both of the animes I will keep watching them regardless of other peoples opinions.


Meanwhile back Pallet Town, Red saw Mew flying across his window. Realising that there was still Mew left to be captured he becomes fully determined to complete his Pokedex once and for all 😉

Cynthia Waifu, calm, beautiful and has the skills to match her looks ❤


One Piece Manga Chapter 917



Welcome to the world of One Piece. Probably the longest running anime next to Pokemon. As you can see we’re up to chapter 917 at the moment meaning that a SHIT ton of stuff has happened. It would be to difficult to cover all of the stuff that has happened so I’ll only be talking about the Wano Arc for now.

After the 2 year time-skip, we can see the immense power-up of each character. Luffy gaining the basics of Kenbunshoku, Busoshoku and Haoshoku Haki and Gear 4th. Zoro the mastering Kenbunshoku infused with his sword techniques. Sanji mastered his skywalk and Busoshoku Haki. Nami gained better control with her forth Clima-Tact and gaining control of Big Mom’s Zeus. Usopp became a plant guru and slingshot master, combining different techniques to cover his weak ass lol. Chopper was able to control his giant power-up form without using his supplement pills. Brooks learnt ice control and soul manipulation when he got trapped by that freaky village. Frankly had major upgrades to his armour and appearance from the supplies he got from Punk Hazzard. Nico Robin met Dragon and that was pretty much it lol. 

gear 4th

As you’re probably aware there are 4 Yonko’s, Shanks, Big Mom, Kaido, WhiteBeard (cry),  and Blackbeard.  Luffy successfully managed to rescue Sanji from Whole Cake Island, Big Moms territory. After that, the world government declared Luffy as the 5th Yonko Emperor. Now he has his trustworthy chef back, the straw hat crew will be regrouping in the country of Wano. As Oda stated, the Wano Arc will make Marinefort look cute. We’ll be expecting to see Kaido pop out anytime soon so keep an eye on that!


As we can see, some of the Strawhats were able to reach Wano first and settled down. Law was seen a couple of times in Wano as well, waiting for Luffy to continue their alliance to take down Kaido. And as you know the straw hats especially Luffy can never keep a low profile. So on the first minute of arriving on the Wano shore, he gets into a fight LOL.

Luffy meets a girl called Tama. She a cute little girl with paramecia devil fruit ability of unknown name at this stage. She is able to create dango from her cheeks (and maybe from the rest of her body). This can be used to tame animals such as Hihimaru when she was attacked. I have a strong feeling that she will be joining the Strawhats as it was foreshadowed when Luffy placed his hat on her head. Last time he did this with Nami and Nico Robin, they eventually joined the team lol. And the fact that Tama knew Ace and was waiting for him to come back all this time makes it more plausible that she’ll be accepted into the crew.


Zoro will be receiving a new legendary sword in this Arc. As stated by Hitetsu, it is one of the 21 great grade swords, Nidai Kitetsu. Zoro immediately recognised the aura around the sword and wanted to see it. However, being Luffy he used the sword…..ish by grabbing it in his fist and punched the bad guys with it. SMH.  Not knowing the worth of the sword, he also chucked the scabbard away. Double SMH lol. I highly doubt that it will be replacing any of Zoro’s swords atm but you never know which sword he might break next lol. There’s also a possibility that because Nidai Kitetsu is a cursed sword, it could replace Wado Inchinoji.  I’m guessing Shusui will eventually be replaced by a cursed sword as well to complete the triple cursed sword set in order to strengthen the Ashura power-up.

Screen Shot 2561-09-16 at 12.43.56 PMScreen Shot 2561-09-16 at 12.45.26 PM

Currently, Tama has been captured by Holdem, one of Kaidos henchmen. They were in his hideout until Luffy sent Urashima (the big ass sumo wrestler) flying through his hideout. Holdem then faced off with Luffy and took Tama as a hostage and put her into the lion’s mouth located on his stomach. Holdem, that pun lol. But because Luffy and Zoro are fast as fuck, Luffy attacked the lions head and was able to free Tama in 0.00223 seconds like a fucking Boss while Zoro took down like 7 other noobs. Now that Luffy just found out Holdem was torturing her with pliers, Luffy got angry, dropped Tama in mid-air and whipped out his Red Hawk Punch at Holdem. Holdem? More like Gottem LOL.

Screen Shot 2561-09-16 at 12.41.03 PM

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One Punch Man Chapter 95 Speedster

100 Push Ups, 100 Sit-ups, 100 Squats and 10km running, EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!


ONE PUNCHHHHHHH. OK let’s bring everybody up to speed! One punch man revolves around a character called Saitama. In my opinion, this character is the funniest and strongest gag-comic of the century. If I had to compare, he would be stronger than Arale Norimaki from Dr.Slump. And we all saw Arale beat the shit out of Goku and Vegeta in Dragon Ball Super lol.  Saitama hasn’t always been this strong. He got sick of his usual 9-5 job and decided to step out of his bitch ass comfort zone and pursue the life of a hero.

Here is the famous Saitama’s workout plan, follow at your own discretion for 3 years EVERY SINGLE DAY to gain superhuman strength. :


100 Push-Ups

100 Sit-Ups

100 Squats

10 KM Running

No Air Conditioner During Summer 

No Heater During Winter

Never Skip Breakfast 

(Warning: Hair loss is inevitable after 1.5 years of training) 


child emoprer

Now back to the story. The monsters association hideout has recently been discovered and was located in City-Z, right below where Saitama was living. The hero association has formed a group of elite heroes with Child Emporer being the leader. Somehow King (the 7th Rank S-Class), got thrown into this group as well. And we all know how much of a pussy he really is which makes it funny to see how he tries to avoid every fight possible LOL.

flashy flash

In this chapter we can see Flashy Flash (What a fucking cool name smh), finally gets to show off his strengths and abilities. Flashy Flash was the former No.1 of the 44th graduating class of the ninja village. This is the same class as Sonic-O-Sound so it should be interesting to see their reactions when they meet. Flashy Flash is most likely as fast as Atomic Samurai, but I still think that lazy uncle is still holding back.  He is currently fighting against Hellfire Flame and Gale Wind, 2 demon level monsters known for their remarkable speed. Ironically they were the 37th Graduation of the same ninja village. Finally, Senpai noticed a Kohai LOL. The back story as to why they are trying to kill Flashy Flash has yet to be revealed.

Screen Shot 2561-09-14 at 5.05.37 PM

After the fight with Elder Centipede, Bang, Bomb and Genos got beaten pretty bad. Genos went over his limits and got his ass kicked again. *Sigh when will that boy ever learn. You know Genos if you just follow that training regime………… Nonetheless, Genos got a new upgrade and I’m pretty excited to see how much more powerful he has become. As the doctor said himself, this configuration is a tad reckless, with all offence with no balancing factor.  Meaning that if he fights at FULL POWER AND FUCK SHIT UP the armour will break. Genos looks less and less happy as the series goes on. I think he’s getting a little too hungry for power. It nostalgic thinking back to the good old days when the manga began to see how much of a goof he was with Saitama. These days he’s just all too serious in my opinion.


Screen Shot 2561-09-14 at 1.30.31 PMFirst, let me give a quick shout out to my boy Garou. Two words describe how I feel about him. HOLY SHIT. After beating the shit out of Metal Bat, getting into a fight with Giant Centipede, Bang, Bomb, Genos and 10 other A rank heroes alone. My Boy, you are definitely THE MOST BADASS EVIL CHARACTER IN THIS MANGA. Not only that, he took on Orochi head-on not giving any fucks about dying. But sadly, due to the injuries from the previous fights, he lost to the big monster king. I’m sure if he was in tip-top condition he would have stood a reasonable chance. The fight between Garou and the other S-Class Heroes is definitely one of the most anticipated fights everyone is waiting for. I really want to see a Garou and Genos rematch.  Having gain new equipment and fighting experience, it will be one hell of a fight!


Screen Shot 2561-09-14 at 12.58.56 PM

Ganna throw in my favourite character Tastsumaki in here because well…..she’s hot and shes the strongest telekinesis user. Kinky AF. Jailbait Alert. LOL.

Who’s your favourite character(s)?